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About our products

1. How do I clean Kosha Yoga Co.mat?

Though the Kosha Yoga Co. mat is washing-machine friendly, we recommend gentle cleaning with a mild detergent and cloth, and then simply hanging to dry. This gentle and sensitive care will extend the life of the mat and save water. 
However, if you choose to wash in the washing machine, follow the instructions below:
  • Wash gently in cold water
  • Use a mild detergent. Do not use bleach / softener / strong chemical solution
  • Find a machine without an agitator as it can damage the mat
  • Do not put the mat in the dryer, simply air put to dry

2. How often should I clean Kosha Yoga Co.mat?

It depends on several factors: the type of yoga you practice and how often, how much you sweat and where you exercise (indoors or outdoors). Considering all these factors, you can wash the mat after every 5 - 8 uses. If you decide not to wash the mat, you can hang it to dry so that it always looks and smells fresh.

3. What are Kosha Yoga Co. mats made of?

Our mats are made of 2 materials: a 100% natural tree rubber base and microfibre suede-like top layer. The base of the mat is made of natural rubber to ensure great grip, stability and cushioning for your joints. The top surface is made of a sweat absorbent microfibre material which looks and feels like a soft towel. The top surface is printed with your favorite design through a process called thermal-dye sublimation, which brings out the vibrant colors of the design and does not fade away easily.

4. How much do Kosha Yoga Co. mats weigh?

Kosha Yoga Co. Mats weigh 2.8 kg and are slightly heavier than the general-purpose mats that are available on the market. Our mats are environmentally friendly and are made of 100% natural rubber, which ensures that when unfolded, the mat will not slip. The natural properties of rubber as a material ensure unsurpassed grip and stability, and also increase the weight of the mat. In addition, our mats are longer and wider (183 cm x 60 cm) than most mats available at stores. This extra room on the mat also adds some weight. Although the free carrying strap that you get with the mat, it conveniently lightens the load!

5. Can I use the Kosha Yoga Co.mat at the Hot Yoga class?

Yes, you can use your mat during Hot Yoga. The top layer of the microfiber mat absorbs sweat perfectly and has been designed with that in mind. In fact, the mat's grip increases as the mat gets wet, so the mat is as hard engaged as you are!

6. In addition to yoga, what else can I use Kosha Yoga Co. mats for?

In addition to using the mat for practicing all yoga styles, you can use your mat at the beach, gym, picnic.
If you are a parent, you can safely use the mat when caring for a child, it is pleasant to touch and ecological.

7. Are the mats covered by the warranty?

All our products are covered by a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects. In that rare case that you find the Kosha Yoga Co.product  to be defective, write to us at info@koshayogaco.pl with detailed information about the order.
Please note that the warranty only applies to manufacturing defects and does not cover damage to products caused by improper use or regular wear and tear.

8. Can I use the new mat right out of the box?

Just like your favorite pair of jeans, your mat needs to be used for some time. The top of the mat is covered with a thin, protective layer to keep it safe during transport. The real grip of the mat emerges once this layer wears off. Regular practice is the best way to do this! Another good method is to gently sprinkle the mat with water before training for the first 2-3 uses.

9. How to use the carrying strap as a yoga prop?

The carrying strap also acts as a yoga prop that you can use to improve your practice. A yoga strap is a prop that can help you get better alignment, posture and flexibility. Follow our blog to find posts on how to use the yoga strap.

Shipping and delivery

1. Does Kosha Yoga Co. Poland charge for delivery in Poland? How long does delivery take?

No, shipping in Poland is always free. We send mats using the DHL courier company or InPost parcel lockers.
Delivery takes 1-2 business days.

2. Does Kosha Yoga Co. Poland send mats abroad?

Yes, we send mats abroad, but mainly within the European Union, due to friendly regulations on EU intra-community trade. The price shown on our store site already includes tax.
If you are from outside the EU, write to us at info@koshayogaco.pl, and we will check for you the shipping costs and any additional customs/tax fees, depending on your place of residence.

3. Does Kosha Yoga Co. charge for delivery in Europe? How long does delivery take?

For orders within the European Union, the shipping fee is fixed and the amount of PLN 40, which is around EUR 9-10, depending on currency fluctuations. If you order minimum 2 mats, delivery will be free of charge.
Delivery takes 3-5 business days.
If you are from outside the EU and you are interested in buying on our online store, write to us at info@koshayogaco.pl and we will share detailed information.

4. Can I use Cash On Delivery (COD) on my order?

We are sorry but we do not offer this option.

5. Can I change my order details after the transaction is completed?

If you need to change your order details, email us to info@koshayogaco.pl at the earliest or call +48 604390030. We will contact our logistics partner and let you know how we could accommodate the changes.

Returns and refunds

1. What is Kosha Yoga Co.Poland's Return Policy?

In that rare case that you aren't it delighted with our products, simply return to our Store Regulations and follow the described conditions regarding the Complaints.

2. How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by sending us an email to info@koshayogaco.pl. If you cancel your order before the package has been sent, your order amount will be refunded.
However all fees charged by service providers (such as a courier parcel pickup order fee or commissions charged by PayPal, PayU during transactions) may apply and may be deducted from the refund amount.

3. What if I haven't received my refund yet?

If you do not receive a refund even after 30 business days after processing the refund on our part, contact your bank, PayPal or credit card operator, whichever service provider you used. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you did it and you still haven't received your refund, please contact us at info@koshayogaco.pl and we will try to help explain the situation with one of our service providers.

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