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How to stick to our New Year's resolutions? How to persevere in yoga plans?

It has been a month since our New Year's resolutions...

The end of the year was a time of summaries, the new year was a time of plans. Now the time has come to cut the coupons from the decisions made, check the distance traveled from the starting line and make sure what to do to have enough strength to the finish line. Most often, making New Year's resolutions, we visualize the aforementioned finish line from the very beginning of the new route we are taking. We are happily creating an idea of success, we are enjoying it and we are already willing to open the proverbial champagne, but when it turns out that there is still a lot of work ahead of us to achieve the said final effect.

Yoga class

So how do you persist in your New Year's resolutions?

What to do so that the goal does not intimidate us and gives us faith in the success of our intentions, and that the path itself and not only the idea of its end give us a sense of meaning?

First of all, find pleasure in what you do. Just like that. Suppose you take your first steps on the yoga path. You have already chosen the school, studio or teacher you want to go to and whose teachings you believe in.

Regardless of the trend and direction of work, the first lessons should be valuable practice and it would be good if they were inspirational. The timetable should be adapted to your life possibilities, so if, for example, you pick up children from school in the afternoon, do not force anything on the day plan, but rather think about whether you can reserve time for yourself on Saturday or Sunday morning. Let it be an important and completely your time, pleasure, not an unpleasant duty. However, if it turns out that the teacher or the studio does not quite suit you, but you find time for regular practice, it may be worth considering another yoga trend, another school or another teacher.

Anyway, the small steps technique will work best. And yes, maybe you should look for good books or reliable and proven online sources to practice on your own.

As part of home yoga self-discipline exercises, it is worth using simple exercises. Here are some tips and proven ideas for practice at home.

Yoga home

Here are some tips and proven ideas for practice at home

Choose two - three days a week when you can get up 10 minutes earlier. In the morning our bodies even demand physical exercises, and the time right after waking up is the perfect time to get rid of morning stiffness. Performing a few yoga asanas to support our body will help.

- "Balasana" or "child's pose" is a pleasant asana for the spine, which you can do before you get out of bed, a few bends and turns sitting on the bed’s edge will greatly improve mobility in the joints.


- "Marjaryasana" or "Cat Cow" will nourish your spine


- "Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana" or the position of the clasped hands above the head will stretch and strengthen the wrists, arms and forearms; stretch your fingers, wrists and open and expand your chest.


- Standing "tree position" or "vrkshasana" will improve balance and increase the sense of stability, open the hips and strengthen the inner thighs throughout the day.


For people who have already taken their first steps on the mat, a great way to start the day and meanwhile persevering in the resolution of regular practice, may be the morning greeting to the sun, which we have already written about in one of our blog posts (Surya Namaskar "Sun Salutation").

Everything done before the start of the busy day and heat of our duties, will perfectly tune our bodies to our daily activities and will be a good compensation before the sedentary mode of the rest of the day.

So what is worth doing in the evening?
In turn, before going to bed, I recommend simple methods to calm down.

Again, let's choose 2 or 3 days a week (yes, starting with the small steps technique and watching how we feel about it and how we feel on the days we practice, and how on the days we fall asleep without introducing new habits) and devote 10 minutes from the following exercises:

1. Body scanning. Just before falling asleep, lay down in your bed in Savasana 'corpse' pose. After taking a few deep breaths, begin to pay attention to the sensations in the body. Think about each of the body parts and scan the whole body this way, from the feet through the body to the top of the head. Try not to be distracted, redirecting attention, if you distract yourself, come back to the mindful scanning of your body.


2. Breath countdown. Allow yourself to count down before you fall asleep. Inhale and exhale is counted as one breath. Start by counting from 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... and do several of such series. If it is difficult for you to stay mindful and your mind easily distracts, gently return to the starting point, start counting again.

3. Observing your thoughts. When all the duties are over and it’s time to sleep, often before we let us fall asleep, we analyze what happened during the day or make a vision of the next day. It's worth just noticing it then. Without analysis, without criticism, without exerting pressure on yourself, just observe your thoughts. Don't give them any direction or judge them. Such experience of our mind often alleviates our perception of reality and allows us to find relief before falling asleep.

Remember, small steps lead to great results. For those of us who are still hesitating, I encourage you to take the first step to see if this is something you need. It may actually turn out that it's enough to start to catch the yoga passion. Keep looking for your way. Explore and check what is right for you. And if after starting it turns out that you lack the motivation to continue, I encourage you to regularly check our blog, we provide a portion of motivation and tips to continue the journey on the yoga path. We promise that there will be more and more of them  :).

About the author Basia Baranowska is a yogi, fitness trainer, specializing in the posture training, with a long-standing experience, a lifestyle coach developing in mindfulness. Her passions are traveling and writing. Make sure to check out Basia's website and especially her blog. You can also follow her on Instagram @barbcoach_ig and Facebook


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